Pimp My Dice

If you ever visited my blog, you know I like to pimp my games. You can do it not only by changing the components, adding fancy insets and sleeving cards.

Recently I discovered, that a lot of our favourite games has dice, that are not exactly the most beautiful thing out there. Therefore I decided to visit Q-Workshop, and purchase some upgrades. Have a look!

And if you would like to do the same, the links to dice are below pictures 🙂


The base game did not require dice, neither did the first expansion. Leviathan, however, added some combat, and here come dice! The original ones were ok, but I found these better.



Pirates ARRRRR my favourite theme, therefore buying these was not a surprise. And guess what? Even the size is the same as the originals!


Galaxy Trucker

Oh, come on now. You need some kind of sci-fi equipment to know where the asteroid will come from and hit you in the core, destroying half of your ship.


Mechs vs. Minions

With the component quality in this box, the only thing that wasn’t outstanding, were the dice. So hey, I treated myself to metal ones!


Near and Far

One of the most beautiful games we own. But the only thing that was not 10/10 in this one, was the die. I could not decide which one looks better with this game, so I got both. For duels!




We all have at least seen Everdell once somewhere, and I guess we can all agree this one is a beauty. But that black die for solo mode? It did not go with the theme. So I upgraded it to a forest one!


A Feast for Odin

Ok, I know, there is no D10 in Feast for Odin, that is why they look at it like it’s an alien ship. There is a curse over this one, and believe me I know it. I have a love-hate relationship with this one, but Matt loves it, so I decided to upgrade the dice, and… I ordered the wrong one. But worry not, D12 will be with us, and D8 looks too good!


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