‘Your settlement needs help!’ – does it ring a bell? Well, if you’re all over New Vegas, 3, 4 and even the Shelter app, here’s your next stop. So put your power armor on, call Dogmeat and let’s go.

The choice is not so simple, all of those characters have special abilities. No pun intended. Do you want to be a human, a ghoul or a supermutant? Who are you gonna declare your loyalty to? Where are you gonna set your story – the Commonwealth, the Pitt, the Far Harbour or the Capital Wasteland?

Whatever you do, you will level up quite quick. Same as in the video game, leveling up is based on SPECIAL system, where after you filled in a skill, you get one of the perk cards – and they are pretty damn good. Speaking of the similarities to the video game, combat is one of them. You roll dice that determine which body part of the enemy you hit. It also says how much damage you have taken.

On the bottom tracker of your player board there are red and green markers, green being radiation and red being damage. At any point if the markers meet, you get knocked out. Nope, you don’t die, you just respawn where you started, dropping the items from your inventory.

So you start off with a secret objective, which can be revealed at any point if it scores you influence points, that determine who wins the game. You explore the map, revealing tile by tile, going on quests and completing tasks. Everything, like in the game, has its consequences, so chose wisely. The game ends whenever the objective has been completed by one of the players.

Final thoughts : WOW. I mean, it really feels like something between Fallout the video game and a legacy game, in a way everything you do comes back at some point and might bite you in the arse. I love the leveling up system, the storytelling, the character building. I fell for this game from the first play, I know people that are still unsure about it, and it may take a couple of plays for them to make up they mind… or should I say, to declare their loyalty.

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