Top 10 Games of All Time

Top 10 Board Games of All Times

10. Clank! In! Space!

We got the first Clank! last year at UKGE, and fell in love with it instantly. Sunken Treasure came next, and didn’t give us anything exciting. And then they announced Clank! In! Space! and I just knew we must get it. I absolutely loved the references to Star Wars, Star Trek and other science-fiction movies and characters. Game itself changed as well. Now the board is modular, and it changes every time you play it. Also, the rules are slightly different, and in fairness, they make the game much more interesting.

9. Abyss (+Kraken, +Leviathan)

Another Expo’17 purchase. I haven’t heard of it before, but Matt did, and he was really keen on buying this one. One of a few games we bought before trying, but man, we weren’t wrong with this one. You explore the depths of the oceans, trying to find allies who will help you recruit the lords, and finally make you rule the Abyss. On the way to achieve that, you may also get to fight some monsters, or maybe it is better to focus on politics? But be careful not to get corrupted! Damn, those Nebulis look so perfect…

8. EXIT series

You may have, or may not, read the post about our ranking of the EXIT series. Regardless, if you have £10 to spare, you should try it. I know, it’s a one-time thing, and you may not be willing to destroy the whole box, but man, it’s worth it! Whether you’d be escaping the Abandoned Cabin, Pharaoh’s Tomb, or trying to find out who killed the Dead Man On The Orient Express, you’d be excited! I agree, it may not be for everyone, but if you like escape rooms, puzzles  and fancy a bit of a challenge, it’s the one for you!

7. Scythe

Came for the looks, stayed for the game play. The mechs, the minis, the metal coins, the artwork! However, that’s not your regular war game. Player interaction is minimal. It’s all about action selection, and doing so in the right time and sequence. Getting those resources, building structures, and being the first one in the race, to get all 6 stars. So is it really a war game? Well, the combat does occur, but maybe not as often, as one would expect. But in the end, it’s all up to you, if you’re here for peace, or power.

6. Sherlock Holmes

This one grabbed me by my throat and hasn’t let go, quite literally, as reading 18th century English is not my cup of tea. However, the experience is so immersive every time we play, I don’t want it to let go. After completing both Sherlock Holmes video games, and the first box of the table top version I must admit, I actually feel, like I am able to solve a crime in real life. We are actually having small doses of Mr. Holmes now, conscious, that at some point, we will run out of cases!

5. T.I.M.E Stories

Another one that falls into the category of puzzles and case solving, as well as time management, and a bit of a race. Our first experience was unbeatable, although we loved the Prophecy of Dragons the most (so far), and got really lucky with the Marcy’s Case. I just can’t help the feeling, that the scenarios are getting worse, and the game play is just repetitive. However, I won’t give up on thinking, this is a great game!

4. Viticulture (Essential Edition + Tuscany)

Oh, hello Euro game! I would never expect me having a worker placement on this list, but hey! There it is! And oh my gosh it is brilliant! The take on seasons, and planning ahead, but as well having one chance per year to use occupied space. And the abilities and buildings, you may even travel in time! It’s an absolute blast to play this one. Gotta know you love the game, if you upgraded the coins to metal ones, and point markers to little wine bottles.

3. Mansions of Madness (2nd Edition)

Well, by this point you may have noticed, that I am more about the experience, than the game itself. Mansions are absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. You are investigators, you’re trying to find out who, when and why. And if some monsters come along, just shoot them in the face! I love the atmosphere and theme in this one, we even threw a dress-up Halloween party with MoM theme!  More expansions please!

2. 7th Continent

Well, and yet another experience. Long awaited Kickstarter, the 7th Continent. Brilliant game, for a maximum of two players I’d say. You really get to thinking what is the best choice, and what outcome could it bring. Do I turn over this rock? What if there is a snake? What if I find a rare plat I read about somewhere before? Wait, what’s that? A hidden number?  This one definitely has a WOW effect, and it’s huge!

  1. Gloomhaven

Speaking of huge, here’s a monster of a box. Do I need to introduce anyone to Gloomhaven? The 3rd printing has just happened, and the lucky ones got a copy. The hype went down, I’m not gonna lie, but the game itself it’s still a great position. For me, as a kid who grew up playing Diablo, this is a dream come true. A hack and slash on a board, with character development? Gotta love legacy games! Ant the theme is right there, the stories, the characters, the map! And the upcoming expansion… Could we ask for more?

Na co czekasz?

Mam dziwne wrażenie, ze 2018 będzie mniej ekscytującym rokiem dla gier niż 2017. Mogę się mylić, gdyż obiecałam sobie nie wydawać tyle tym razem, więc nie wczytuję się aż tak w BGG. Staram się przynajmniej. Ten rok jest dla mnie bardziej rokiem Kickstartera, gdyż jest kilka kampanii, które dotrą do mnie w tym roku, i już kilka, którym będę się bacznie przyglądać.

Styczeń : jeszcze w tym miesiącu powinien do nas dotrzeć OX – mała, przenośna gra podróżna, spersonalizowana na dodatek!

Marzec : 7th Continent – już z krzesła spadam na myśl o tej grze. Chyba najdroższy jak do tej pory wsparty przeze mnie projekt.

Czerwiec : Czekam z niecierpliwością na  Dice Hospital, który miałam przyjemność testować, i który będzie (prawdopodobnie) do odbioru na UK Game Expo.

Wrzesień : D-Day Dice, kolejna gra wojenna, tym razem kościana. Drugie wydanie. Wygląda super, czekam, czekam, czekam!

A teraz przejdźmy do wydawania pieniędzy. Jutro rusza kampania U-BOOT The Board Game, i powiem szczerze, jestem na nią gotowa wydać sporo, bo nie mamy jeszcze takiej gry. Gdyby to była kolejna zwykła planszówka, przemyślałabym mocniej. Ale trójwymiarowa łódź podwodna na środku stołu?!

Nemesis – tę grę przemyślę. Mamy bowiem AvP i nie możemy sięga to  zabrać. Zagraliśmy raz, przed konwersją, i się zawiedliśmy. Kupiliśmy konwersję i nigdy do gry nie wróciliśmy. Więc mimo, iż to nie to samo, to wstrzymamy się chyba. Poczekamy na sprzedaż.

Poza Kikcstarterem są też gry, które w tym roku znajdą miejsce na mojej półce – są to trzy dodatki.

Scythe – the Rise of Fenris, wiem że dopiero kupiliśmy Wind Gambit, ale Scythe pozostaje jedną z Top 3 naszych ulubionych gier, i o ile RoF będzie ostatnim dodatkiem, będziemy szczęśliwi. Do tego aplikacja na Windowsa wchodzi niedługo – wooohoooo!

Abyss – Leviathan, Abyss kupiliśmy dopiero w zeszłym roku, ale to była miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia. Potem przyszedł Kraken z czarnymi perłami, teraz czas na Leviathana.

Mansions of Madness – Sanctum of Twilight, nie oszukujmy się, do tej gry każdy dodatek jest wart swoich pieniędzy. Nadal nie wierzę, że jeszcze nie wypróbowaliśmy wszystkich scenariuszy do Streets of Arhkam (czas, czas, czas) a już wychodzi nowy dodatek.

Są też oczywiście gry, które wyszły już jakiś czas temu, a które nadal są na naszej liście. Mówię tu o Gloomhaven, Spirit Island albo Roll Player. Są też gry, bez których przeżyję, ale chciałabym je mieć w swojej kolekcji, jak Harvest, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle czy Too Many Bones.

A Ty, na co czekasz?


So September has been a Kickstarter month for me. I have never been into it, as blindly backing things are not my thing. So this time, I went for three various types of backing.

Vasty Wilds
One day I just got the Kickstarter app and searched for Board Game. This was one of the first things that popped up, with a picture of a hedgehog. I started reading, watched the video and… backed it.

I had my thoughts, as you know if you read me sometimes, but then I had a closer look at the artwork and I was sure it was money well spent. Even if the game turns out to be boring or confusing, I’ll just hang the cards on the wall.

And look at this fox. And the hedgehog. Look!

The second kind of pledge is the one I am certain of. We bought Mint Works and we loved it. Everyone loves it! This one looks more complex, and it still fits in your pocket!

And the best part is, they have unlocked all the stretch goals! Can’t wait for the delivery!

And last but not least, the campaign that just began (again!) and has been raved about all the time.

This one hurts wallets the most. Basic pledge requires you having the first edition print, the second pledge doesn’t give you the stretch goals and the last pledge is $130…

Go and pledge!