The New Classics?

Articulate – Accentuate


So remember, where you’ve been trying to say something, without using that word? Now, this time you can us all the words, but only those words, and an accent. But hey, it’s not always as easy, as French or Italian, it could be Jamaican or New Yorker, or as hard as Cypriot. And the quotes are all from famous movies, which by the way, score you extra points if you guess the title and the year. Brilliant fun, tonnes of laughter.

Dixit –Muse


So in the classic you’re on your own, trying to score your own points. In Muse, you’re trying to get your team to guess what’s the correct card. However, it’s the opposing team, who chooses the card, as well as the clues you can use to describe the picture. For example, you can only say a number to describe the card depicting a blue ball. Easy? Say one! But what if there is going to be more cards with number one on it? Yeah!

Codenames –Decrypto

Codenames was, and still is a great party game, as the team count does not matter. And with all the picture, Disney, Marvel or XXL versions, the game is going strong . However, have you tried Decrypto? In Codenames, you need to connect as many words as you can, and get your team to guess it, before the opposing team guesses theirs. In Decrypto, you have one set of words per team, they have numbers assigned to them, and one person on the team gets the code. If you have it, you need to get your team to guess it, by giving a clue for each word in the code. However, from round 2. the opposing team can try and intercept, and guess your code. Ok, this is one of the hardest games to explain. There is a tonne of rules videos, go check one out (or wait for mine).

Chinese Whispers – Scrawl

So you remember when you had to draw what someone written, and write when someone else had drawn? Well, this is basically the same. You will draw, pass it over, they will write down what they think it is and pass it to the next person, who will draw what is written. The things to draw, however, are rude-ish. And I promise you, after a drink or two, you’re in for a treat! And it’s all dry-wipe! The funniest outcome wins the game. For example my “photocopying your balls” came out as “pissing on your online pen pal”.

Pictionary – Concept

This is a hit, because you don’t need to be able to hold a pencil properly to play this one. I always felt, like people who can’t draw, are a bit handicapped when it comes to Pictionary, and as fun as it can make the game, they didn’t really enjoy it. Now, here comes Concept. A game, where you get the word/saying/quote to guess, and you place tokens on the board with pre-drawn pictures. You get cubes, to stress how much of a certain feature your card represents. For example, if your card would say ‘elephant’, you’d probably put one marker on an animal, one on a colour grey, and then  quite a few on ‘big’ and ‘heavy’, and hopefully your team would guess it. So much fun!

Party time!

So here we are, slightly drunk, Codenames don’t make sense anymore, nobody can draw (even if it’s Drawful), all the impress-the-judge games don’t impress anyone anymore. Ladies and gentleman, make some room, here comes Accentuate!

Cannot remember where and when I found out about this one, but straight away I knew it’s gonna be a great family game. So we bought it, and here’s what comes in the box :

You get a deck of cards with various accents, a deck of cards with movie quotes, a cheat-sheet with all available accents, a timer, a die and a rule book.
You draw a card with an accent, another one with a quote and you roll a die. You may be made to do it, you may be able to make someone else do it, or you may be lucky enough to draw another accent as, let’s say, Cypriot is not your ‘favourite’. Then you say the quote with your normal voice, flip the timer and… lose the ability to talk. You can’t imagine how hard it is! In your head you sound like you were born in Cape Town, but you come out Jamaican. If any word come out at all.

We decided to change one rule, and roll the die only if we are desperate. Otherwise you HAVE TO do the accent.

So anyway, I am not good at accents at all, but I do enjoy this game. Not suitable for sober players.