The Most Beautiful Game

Right, so if you visit my Instargram every now and then, you know what game I will be talking about. But, hey, don’t leave! There’s probably so much I haven’t said about it yet!

Abyss, because that’s what we are talking about, it’s not only gorgeous, but great to play. I haven’t played anything like it. It’s a set collection, but also so much more. Let me run through the basics.

On the board you’ve got three areas. Top one is the exploration area, where you gather allies or encounter monsters to get pearls, points or keys. Second area is the council, where you can get more than one ally a turn. Third area is occupied by the Lords.

On your turn you can do ONE of the THREE actions. If you explore the depths, you get an ally or encounter a monster. Allies have 5 races (colours) and numbers (1-5). You need them to buy Lords. There are also Kraken cards (expansion), which act as wild, but give you black Nebulis (silver pearls).

White and silver Nebulis are used to pay the difference for the Lords, if you couldn’t afford them with your cards only. Keys give you access to locations, that score you extra points for various things. You need 3 keys to unlock a location. You get keys from Lords and from monsters. The first person to get 7 Lords ends (but not necessarily wins) the game. Everyone gets one more turn.

You score for the Locations, the Lords, the Allies and the Monster tokens. You also get minus points for each black Nebuli you have, and minus 8 if you have the Kraken figure (for having the most black Nebulis).

It may sound a bit muddled up, but I can’t get over how great this game is. There is, however, one little thing.  First round is always really frustrating, especially for the first player, who only has one option – explore. And if they get what they want on the first go, second player can then can only explore too.

Anyhow – we love it, and Pickle loves it too!




So, here’s the thing. I don’t like being betrayed, ok? And I don’t like betraying people. But what I don’t like even more, is being the hidden betrayer (or a hidden bastard as we called it once). So how come Dead of Wi nter is one of my favourites?

Well.. because it’s quite hard to tell, who’s who. It’s not like in Werewolf, or Spyfall, or some other games I hate, that you need to answer questions correctly or you’re exposed. In DoW you never know, sometimes till the very end (if your secret is not obvious). And I have lost many games as the betrayer, but still enjoyed it, but didn’t feel stressed.

Another this is going mad. Ahhh, Mansions of Madness… another favourite. In this case you may go mad and stab your friend as a part of a ritual, or you may not be able to talk for the rest of the gane but still be a part of the team. Or you may get paranoid or cleptomaniac. But everyone knows it’s you. So no stress – again. I don’t like when games stress me out, I don’t enjoy them at all.

So what about Betrayal at the House on the Hill? Hmmm… everyone will know you’re the betrayer, but all this fuss about leaving the room and reading the flavour text… I know, I know, it’s the whole point. But it also all depends on people you play with.

We have the same group every time, so every time we play MoM, and someone goes mad, everyone shouts “don’t let them get a bladed weapon” – because, well, the ritual… but, hey! The expansion is coming! So maybe new madness conditions?

Still, one of my favourite gameplays was when I was mad and had to search through all the tokens, and Chris was also mad and had to agree with everything I say.

Introductory Scenario

I am a sore looser. I actually have flipped the board once, or banged my fists on the table, so all the components got messed up. But GOSHILOVEGAMES.
I haven’t played all my life. I played my first serious board game in 2014 and can’t stop since. By serious I mean it wasn’t Monopoly, but it also wasn’t Battlestar Galactica.
Ticket to Ride was my first game to play. Then Catan, then Escape from Atlantis… and then we bought Castles of Mad King Ludwig and lost count 🙂

Matt on the other hand is a winner. He barely loses a game. Although he managed to plan his little strategy, when he loses the first couple of times we play, and then suddenly starts winning… and he thinks I won’t get angry 😉

We both like co-op, and semi co-op games, like Mansions of Madness, Dead of Winter or Eldritch Horror. Matt is more of a brutal strategy person, like Blood Rage, Scythe or Evolution. I like fast paced games, like Escape the Curse of the Temple, Dice Forge or Steam Park. I roll, he drafts.

Our collection started growing quite recently, and we only JUST reached 50 games on our shelf.

There is, of course, the Pickle. Our cat, who loves games more than us. And Harry the Hedgehog, who doesn’t like anyone.