Deck of Justice

As a kid, probably everyone at some point wondered, who would win, Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, Rambo or Chuck Norris, Rocky or Trump… Well, now you can see for yourself!

In Deck of Justice you take control over some of pop culture favourites, and fight them to death, using some wacky weapons. And of course, sometimes they show up at your door in a fancy car or a chopper. Not feeling like fighting? Hide in the box! Or come in like a wrecking ball, and make everyone discard played cards.

It’s quick, it’s fun, it’s pretty! I’s a fun filler for game night, pub sessions or parties, because it is easy to teach, and it makes people laugh, and that’s what I’m looking for from a party game. And as promised on the box, a single round takes only 1 minute! And you play until there is only one man standing. Fight!

After a couple of plays, where I went down as a fat kid on a seesaw, I realised there is not many heroes there, and once you’re out of heroes, you’re dead. So I read the second page of rules, where there are different ways to play, like to always start with 2 heroes in hand, or team co-op game. Lots of combinations!

If you like the sound of it, it is on Kickstarter right now, £20 for a core box, £35 for NSFW edition.

Party time!

So here we are, slightly drunk, Codenames don’t make sense anymore, nobody can draw (even if it’s Drawful), all the impress-the-judge games don’t impress anyone anymore. Ladies and gentleman, make some room, here comes Accentuate!

Cannot remember where and when I found out about this one, but straight away I knew it’s gonna be a great family game. So we bought it, and here’s what comes in the box :

You get a deck of cards with various accents, a deck of cards with movie quotes, a cheat-sheet with all available accents, a timer, a die and a rule book.
You draw a card with an accent, another one with a quote and you roll a die. You may be made to do it, you may be able to make someone else do it, or you may be lucky enough to draw another accent as, let’s say, Cypriot is not your ‘favourite’. Then you say the quote with your normal voice, flip the timer and… lose the ability to talk. You can’t imagine how hard it is! In your head you sound like you were born in Cape Town, but you come out Jamaican. If any word come out at all.

We decided to change one rule, and roll the die only if we are desperate. Otherwise you HAVE TO do the accent.

So anyway, I am not good at accents at all, but I do enjoy this game. Not suitable for sober players.