Pimp My Dice

If you ever visited my blog, you know I like to pimp my games. You can do it not only by changing the components, adding fancy insets and sleeving cards.

Recently I discovered, that a lot of our favourite games has dice, that are not exactly the most beautiful thing out there. Therefore I decided to visit Q-Workshop, and purchase some upgrades. Have a look!

And if you would like to do the same, the links to dice are below pictures 🙂


The base game did not require dice, neither did the first expansion. Leviathan, however, added some combat, and here come dice! The original ones were ok, but I found these better.



Pirates ARRRRR my favourite theme, therefore buying these was not a surprise. And guess what? Even the size is the same as the originals!


Galaxy Trucker

Oh, come on now. You need some kind of sci-fi equipment to know where the asteroid will come from and hit you in the core, destroying half of your ship.


Mechs vs. Minions

With the component quality in this box, the only thing that wasn’t outstanding, were the dice. So hey, I treated myself to metal ones!


Near and Far

One of the most beautiful games we own. But the only thing that was not 10/10 in this one, was the die. I could not decide which one looks better with this game, so I got both. For duels!




We all have at least seen Everdell once somewhere, and I guess we can all agree this one is a beauty. But that black die for solo mode? It did not go with the theme. So I upgraded it to a forest one!


A Feast for Odin

Ok, I know, there is no D10 in Feast for Odin, that is why they look at it like it’s an alien ship. There is a curse over this one, and believe me I know it. I have a love-hate relationship with this one, but Matt loves it, so I decided to upgrade the dice, and… I ordered the wrong one. But worry not, D12 will be with us, and D8 looks too good!


Games I Bough For A Silly Reason

Games we already paid for, and cannot wait to get them to the table! And by we, I mean me, when it come to the paying bit. Being the reasonable and down-to-earth person I am I think through all my purchases, considering all pros and cons… most of the time. This is a list of games, in no particular order, which I bought for ‘no reason’ – according to some people.

Detective – we’ve seen it here and there, browsing the depths of the Interwebs, mostly on the Polish end, and we got really excited with all the previews.  As people who love Sherlock Holmes, EXIT and this type of experience, Detective sounds just like our cup of tea. And the promise of breaking the 4th wall – exciting! We really wanted to talk with Ignacy Trzewiczek about this one during EXPO, but he was constantly busy.


Everdell – a beautiful worker placement, the board is a 3D tree, the artwork is stunning, the wooden animal meeples, the components are just amazing, and it’s all looking perfect. Plus, the latest Kickstarter update states, that the game will be with us earlier than we think.


Architects of the West Kingdom – so we happen to love the Raiders of the North Sea saga, however we never went around to buy it, as we got into it too late, when all the expansions were out. Ant that sounded a bit heavy on the pocket. We have played it multiple times at various board game cafes, and really enjoyed the mechanics, but what drew me to it was the art. We watched some run-throughs, and rules, and seeing as the price was ridiculously low, we decided to back it.


D*Day Dice – ok, this one was the theme, mostly. We haven’t played the first edition before backing this one, and didn’t really want to spoil anything for ourselves. But one day, at the Ludoquist, we spotted the tin, and just couldn’t help, but play it. And , oh em gee, we loved it, and now cannot wait even more to play the 2nd edition.


Dice Hospital – this one is a bit of a cheat, because we got to playtest it, and have the print and play version at home. But you know, plain paper is not the same as 3D PRINTED AMBULANCES! The game  itself is vry interesting, yet simple, but the ambulances!


Solar City – I just backed it on Kickstarter, and got the Early Bird deal, which is nice. And this is a bit of a cheat as well, because we tried it at the EXPO, and surprisingly, I was the one who liked the game the most, even though I didn’t win, and it is a very man game, too. We were talking about backing it, but were a bit sceptical. But then it occurred to me, we don’t have enough Polish games. And, they will plant a tree for every copy sold!