Down in the Cave Where Nobody Goes

Sub Terra. I’m just gonna open with the name. Strong, good name. If you’ve seen any of those horror movies where they go down the cave and die – hey, this is a board game now!

You start all together on a tile, and you can chose to stay together and explore as a group – slowly, and probably run out of time and die; OR you can spread out and reveal more tiles in a search for the exit, and likely be eaten by a monster. So, hey, what a choice!

It plays up to 6 players, but if you play with 3 you control 2 characters each. They all have special abilities, and 3 health (apart from the bodyguard, who has 6). On your turn you have two action points, some basic actions like move or reveal a tile, cost one, some – like swimming or putting a rope across a tile, cost two points.

So the cave grows before your very eyes, revealing more and more dangers – nope, there is no good things in there. Apart from the exit, which is in one of the last 6 tiles of the impressive pile. After you all had a go, there is the Cave’s turn – it can flood, gas, tremor, cave-in or release a monster to hunt you down. Then it’s back to you.

And you keep going, until one of the following happens :
1. you find the exit and run the hell out of there
2. the deck runs out = your flashlights go off = every turn you roll to see if you survive (1-3 lose health, 4-6 keep going)

We have died, 6 tiles away from the exit to be discovered. We wasted too much time trying to revive a guy, and that doomed us. Oh, didn’t I mention? You have to get as many people out as you can, not everyone has to survive.

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