Easy Peasy

So you play all those Eldritch Horrors, Scythes, Robinson Crusoes… and them your in-laws show up! What now?! Go on, dig for easy games! No hidden roles, no extra rules, no special powers, no theme would be the best! But thanks the heavens for some of those.

Codenames. Hell yes. Such a simple game, easy rules, even easier mechanisms. It’s a brain strain sometimes, but hey! It’s fun! And it’s always interesting to see how different couples work together or mixed up.

Cottage Garden! Laughed at by everyone, cause of the name. “What kind of crap is this? Cottage Garden?! I’m not doing it” – and about 45 mins later they win and want to play again… sometime 😉

COGZ! Our new baby, loved from the first sight by everyone. Simple rules, quick game, and a travel one!

CamelUp! Everyone asks to play it, it’s such a fun game! More “complex” than the previous ones, as you have a choice of actions. But what the hell, it’s a blast every time we play!

And last but not least, the most colorful and beautiful of those. Sagrada! Dice drafting and window crafting. You must try it. Whoever with. Try!

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