For reasons…

I stumbled upon this game, when browsing Kickstarter some time ago. I saw the picture of this hedgehog, and (seeing as we own one) I could not just leave it be. I pledged, before I saw any reviews or read any opinions. Did I have second thoughts? Of course!

I thought ‘well, it doesn’t seem like anything special, the rules are a bit vague, looks a bit complicated, maybe not really clear…’ but then I have been promised to LEARN HOW TO LOSE. This is something that may come handy one day, you know, when Matt starts getting annoyed with me slapping his hand, throwing my cards, swearing never to play the game again… [sorry]


I also like the card laying mechanism, although the board looks a little bit crowded, but maybe it all makes sense once you play it? Well, gonna have to wait to find out. Plus the take-that bit, where you just wound everyone. Well, you can’t die, I guess that’s good, right? Oh.. I get it, that’s the learning to lose phase. You can’t die, you have to keep playing until someone wins. You may be picked on, being wounded every round, but hey! – it’s just a game, right? RIGHT?!

So anyway, you have about 7 hours to back it, if you like the looks of it. Just saying. Stay wild!


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