Inserts and stuff

See, all those of you who have money, buy all the inserts from BrokenToken and others, all those component trays and things… Ugh, I wish I could have that. But hey! They are cheaper ways to organize the mess on your table. Although, having a cat is not one of them.

Silly little tray costed me nearly nothing, and can store 10 different components. It had a lid, but who needs that, eh? It’s not too big, and can be used with any game.. no, I do not sell those. Just saying.

Those I found by accident. They carried my arts&crafts wooden letters. And then I realized… hey! Trays! Dice rolling trays? Component trays? TRAYS?

How about a box?! A treasure chest with Scythe coins and some Abyss pearls (no idea why they’re there..) I know it’s not the best, but it was a) cheap, b) useful, an c) cheap. I painted it and made the divider. And it works. And have I mentioned it was cheap?

Let’s just give a little shoutout to Dice Forge, a game with THE BEST built in insert!

See how everything has got it’s own space?



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