It Takes Two…

So, us – being two human beings, we need games for two. We do like Pandemic and we have Patchwork, but we needed more complex games. So the next one we got, as all the reviews were really good, was 7 Wonders Duel.

(this, by the way, is the shameful picture of the one of the two losses I have committed…purposely) 

Better.  We haven’t played 7 Wonders before we got it, but it didn’t matter as we found out later, as they are very different. But we do love this game, different strategies, different ways to win. Although scientific victory is my least favourite, I much prefer the brutal military one (well, at least you see it coming).

After a while, when it became a bit too (I want to say easy), uhm.. again. When it wasn’t challenging enough anymore, we turned to the gods and got the Pantheon expansion – but there is going to be a separate post about expansions.

So, with or without the expansion (although with, is what I’m going for), 7 Wonders Duel is a great 2 player game.

Seeing as we love H.P.Lovecraft universe, and we have Mansions of Madness and Eldritch Horror, it was time to get this one. We may have actually gotten it before 7WD, but hey! That’s not the point!

This game is great. Setup tho could do with some improvement. This is the only thing that keeps us from playing it more often, really. But yeah, this is good. Hard, yeah, and I died last time (right before the end tho, and Matt finished it on his own), but it’s a game we will be coming back to.

I like the idea, but maybe I should buy the playing mat, too? Oh, that remind me, I need to buy a big, clear playing mat, just gonna leave it here, in case I forget again. But anyway!

This one just came out! So, as soon as I find out how to get more money…

Next is Codenames Duet feat. Pickle. We do love the original Codenames (yet to try picture version), but seeing as having more than 4 people around doesn’t happen very often, Duet was the thing to do.

It’s so simple, yet so deep. I do love the moments, when a very vague clue makes sense not only in your head, but in the other persons messed up brain, too. Like this one – how do I connect BEAN and COMPUTER? simple! SCREEN! – so I say, screen 2, and Matt immediately says computer, and then, after moment of silence, he says… Sean Bean appears on the Screen! so…Bean? 
Those are the moments to live for…

Anyway, let’s just have a quick look at games that are not designed only for 2 players, but are great with 2. Magic Maze for example. A quick, brain draining game, which Matt bought only because he wanted me to stop talking (or making some kind of humming-squeaking sounds) for more than 3 minutes.

Although, thanks to this red guy, we can communicate. And I am just waiting for the day we will need a new table, when I hit it so hard that I’ll make a hole in it. Ekhm.

Last but not least, the classic. The old, shit components, classic. Castles of Burgundy, which we only picked up recently, to be fair. Shame.

This game has some features of Kingdom Builder, game I like, and some of Catan, the game I hate. But this weird mix makes me love this one quite a bit. Not only because I win every time (if you know me at all, you know this is an important factor).

So, mechanics are great, it’s got just enough depth and theme but the components. Oh dear Elder. I know the game is old and cheap, but the components are so fragile I am actually afraid to pick them up. But it’s not something that will keep me from playing. Oh, hell no.

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