So September has been a Kickstarter month for me. I have never been into it, as blindly backing things are not my thing. So this time, I went for three various types of backing.

Vasty Wilds
One day I just got the Kickstarter app and searched for Board Game. This was one of the first things that popped up, with a picture of a hedgehog. I started reading, watched the video and… backed it.

I had my thoughts, as you know if you read me sometimes, but then I had a closer look at the artwork and I was sure it was money well spent. Even if the game turns out to be boring or confusing, I’ll just hang the cards on the wall.

And look at this fox. And the hedgehog. Look!

The second kind of pledge is the one I am certain of. We bought Mint Works and we loved it. Everyone loves it! This one looks more complex, and it still fits in your pocket!

And the best part is, they have unlocked all the stretch goals! Can’t wait for the delivery!

And last but not least, the campaign that just began (again!) and has been raved about all the time.

This one hurts wallets the most. Basic pledge requires you having the first edition print, the second pledge doesn’t give you the stretch goals and the last pledge is $130…

Go and pledge!

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