Take That!

Backstabbing, frontstabbing, bloodraging. You know what I am talking about. I am not ashamed to admit, that ‘take that’ mechanism is not one of my favourite ones. Only, maybe, if it comes from other players. If the game itself does something to you (us), I’m not too fussed. Because I am a part of a group! Ha! Yes.. it’s being alone that scares me… Anyway!

Triassic Terror. See? Nobody thought I’d say that. This game is the definition of brutality towards one another. You have a lot of dinosaurs? Oh, let me just take this mothafokken T-rex and eat them all. You’re doing too well? Imma just grab those badass raptors and scatter you a bit. Not even gonna mention the pterodactyl. Seriously, pick up this game if you have a chance, and eat your friends. Recommended!

But hey, Blood Rage, right? This is the only game that made me throw my cards and say ‘fuck all y’all’, and walk away from the table. Don’t you just love it when you think carefully during drafting phase how and when you’re gonna screw everyone, and right in the middle of the most important frikkin battle of Yggdrasil, you want to play ‘discard all and draw new’ and then, boom, +6… and someone plays ‘cancel all text’… I cannot emphasise enough how my blood was raging at that point.

But to the point, if the game itself is quite brutal, I can take it. Robinson Crusoe for example. Literally, no card is good. Even if something good happens, shit happens straight after. Or better, Ghost Stories. Have you ever played anything more difficult than that? But hey, we’re a team, we spread the damage, I take one, you take one. Oh, look, we’re dead.

There is, however, one game, in which when players do it to players I can accept it. Descent. My absolute favourite of the genre. First edition that is, when someone had to be the ‘bad guy’. So it simply goes like this – ‘I’m just gonna go this way, and…’ – ‘Ha, ha, no you’re not, you’ve fallen into my trap, you lose 3 health, 2 stamina, random item and a will to live’. Love it!

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