The Crown

Nope, not the Netflix series. The crown of glory, that you wear if you are in King Ludwig’s Favour.

If you liked Castles of Mad King Ludwig, there is a high chance of liking the Palace, however the games are very different. Now you build one palace together, but you still compete. There is no money involved, you pay with swans. and you have to decide if you want favours or special abilities.

There was so much punching before the game, I couldn’t believe. 300 swan tokens, let me start with that. Whoa.

Like in Castles, if you had a card that gives you, say 8 points for having all types of rooms, here if you have one of each you get 10 points, if you have 2 you get 30 and if you have 3 of each type you get 60 points! Scoring then becomes hilarious.

So yeah, a mean game by the way. You block people not only with rooms, but with the moat that grows around the castle. You can also ‘steal’ points from others (I mean share). But it is a good game, lots of good quality components, worth the price.  And here is our Chicken Palace.

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