What is it? I want it!

I don’t earn much, let me open with that. So I need to limit myself to two new games a month. Ok, three. Alright, I am not gonna limit myself. It’s just there are months where 10 good games come out, and there are moments where I just sit there thinking ‘do I really need another game?’. Well, let’s be honest. I got caught up in it, and I won’t stop buying. Can’t—stop—buying—

Anyway! I wanted to whine a bit about games that are on my wishlist (and remind everyone that it’s 99 days to Xmas and 170 days to my birthday).

Starting off with a light, but oh-so-pretty Indian Summer. Another tetris-type from Uwe Rosenberg, which I obviously MUST HAVE. Not only because I found Patchwork and Cottage Garden really satisfying (in your face, all who came around and laughed at CG, and then apologized, after one game..), but also because – look at this fox, LOOK.

Ok, next to something heavier, but also with gorgeous artwork. Those two, Cerebria and Spirit Island – something just drew my attention to them, but to be fair, I feel like I could let those two go. Still want to try them, but I won’t die if I don’t have them on my shelf (which, by the way, needs expanding).

Now hold onto something, we’re all aboard a freaking floating island. Noria got me from the first moment I read about it. Disc building? Like, action wheel building? This is a MUST HAVE, surely. Theme – awesome, artwork – gorgeous, mechanisms – holy crap! I do regret I won’t be in Essen to join everyone at Spiel to try this one out, but I am LITERALLY dying to try it. Can someone sneak me a copy before it’s too late?

And now onto something big. We nearly picked up Anachrony at UKGE, but it seemed too heavy. In our defense, it was the fist time when we saw it and heard about it, and to be fair, the guy at the stand didn’t sell it very well (duh, that’s why we haven’t bought it then). But now, after all the reviews and videos, I really want to have it.

And last, but definitely not least – Gloomhaven. This is a definite buy for us, but because of the price we’ll hold back until Xmas (that’s why I’m counting down days). Legacy dungeon crawl? Hell yes please!

-all pictures come from Board Game Geek-

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