Mechs vs. Minions

I haven’t been here for a while, because I got caught up in so many things. First, I went broke in November, because of games. No, seriously, I need to stop buying. Or they need to stop releasing. No, I did not say that! Don’t stop. So anyway, we got quite a few games last couple of months, plus Kickstarter was all over the place. I got my pledge manager questionnaire, and added dice and playmat to 7th Continent. Then I backed D-Day Dice. Then, as we realised Gloomhaven is sold out everywhere, and we won’t be able to get Fallout for a long time, and 7th Continent is coming in 3 months… we bought Mechs vs. Minions.

Can’t blame ourselves. Then as Harry Potter the Battle of Hogwarts is not released yet, we ordered Sub Terra, Wind Gambit and… I am sure there was something else. But anyway, it’s an expensive hobby. Fun fact – I said the same thing on a Polish board gaming group, and got laughed at. I am not saying that this is the most expensive one and I know there are ways.. books are expensive, so you go to library, cinema is expensive so you wait for DVD release (you do, right), going out is expensive, so you drink at home (alone). We have resigned from cinema ages ago, when ticket price went over 10 GBP and my work discount was cancelled. We don’t go out, we host. And that’s why gaming is expensive for me, because I don’t really spend money on anything else. Things being said, my wish list is not getting any shorter. I keep buying, they keep announcing. And then we have another trip to IKEA waiting for us, to get another Kallax. All hail Kallax – HAIL!

But this post was supposed to be about the game. THE game, which production had met, exceeded and sent out to space our expectations. Just one thing before I start. I know it’s not a NEW game.

Lemme start with the face that I have never played League of Legends. Never. But it doesn’t matter, it has no impact on the experience whatsoever.

I opened the box. The huge, nearly 6kg box. And I found so much stuff, I felt guilty for paying ‘only that much’. Minions come with wash over it (Matt maybe will have a go at painting at some point). Mechs come fully painted. So does the boss! And he is huge! There’s metal bits, everything looks like a Kickstarter deluxe edition. But it’s not. It’s available to everyone. Look, just look.

But wait. We have tried this game before we bought it. We went to a board game cafe and had a go. We bought it the same evening. I always question my ideas after  I put them into life, in this case – pay. I ask people, I read about it. Opinions, like butts, there are thousands of them. Some say it’s a repetitive one, some say it’s random. Some say you can create own scenarios and it helps, some sell their copies.  I don’t know yet. It is random, for sure, but it’s also so much fun! You can plan, think multidimensional, of course you can, but I am not yet sure if I have that kind of ability. And this is what it comes to. Either I will absolutely hate it after couple of plays, or I will not stop until I finish the campaign.

Anyway, we opened the box, took everything out, and realised we couldn’t put it back in. It’s all a jigsaw puzzle, I’m telling you. It’s easy to set up tho. Everything is just there. And the rulebook? Quite cool, must say. Leads you through the tutorial and missions, tells you what to do and when. Introduces things as you go. Insert is awesome, everything has got its own space. Every. Single. Minion. And there is a lot.

Ok, you’re probably reading it thinking ‘get over it, it’s been released over a year ago, the hype train has long gone’. Not for me. I am just boarding it!

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