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We all have games we love so much, we want them to be the most beautiful thing on the table. Here I will list my top games, that we decided to give a pamper treatment. Number 1 is the game we invested in the most.


A beautiful game of building dream factories. Game itself is quite perfect, really. Components are great, the component holder was a nice surprise, and ohh the minis… But there was thing missing for us. The point tokens, gears. My first thought was, that they could be metal. So I have searched the depths of Chinese internet shops, and found it. Dozens of gears, golden, silver, copper ones, for as much as £1.


Ach, such a beauty! A game, that catches your eye when it’s out on the table. Definitely one of the prettiest artwork I’ve ever seen. And it’s all beautiful. Apart from two things. Those plastic, toilet-bowl-like pearl holders. Nah, that’s just not in line with the theme. So we got some… shells. For free, duh. What’s the other bit? Oh, the keys. Come on, cardboard keys? That was just too easy. Another £1, and we got a set of gorgeous, metal keys.


One of those games nobody wants to set up. Getting all the small tokens out from the bags is a pain, so we made an insert (around £6).  But still, there was something missing. You cannot upgrade the tokens, fact. But what you can do, is to upgrade the bags. The boring, black, drawstring bags. And again, Chinese internet didn’t disappoint us. We got beautiful, colourful, Aztec themed bags, for £4, giving us the total of £10. We bought too many bags, so watch this space for giveaway!


Our favourite worker placement, just filled with theme. Every time we play, we find Italian music, open ;a bottle of something, and have a blast! And as the building tokens and meeples  are great, something was missing. So again, cheap side of the internet provided us with resin, doll house size, wine bottles. The dark ones will be the point counters, the transparent ones may be the wine in our cellars! And all that for as much as  £3. That’s not more than what you spend on Altiplano! Oh, well, yes, and the metal coins added another £22.50, for the grand total of £25.50

Clans of Caledonia

Ok, this one was a bit of a bugger, because we could only upgrade half of the components. We left the player tokens as they were, but the market ones went through pimping process. Boardgameextras provided us with wool, barrels, wheat and milk, for £19. And cheap side of the internet was my saviour when it came to cheese and bread, £4. Additionally, to keep everything nicely in place, I bought wooden jewellery box and turned it into an insert, for another £3, giving us the total of £26.


Ahhh, Scythe. This one just had to be upgraded. Realistic resources (£21), and metal coins (£21) do the trick. And they also drained my wallet. It all came to £41 (so far!), because I am not including money spend on pain for the minis, and any future upgrades, like insert, board extension or metal mechs. But hey, it’s worth it!

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  1. Love all the components. Do you happen to have relevant links to share, as to where exactly did you find all these stuff?

  2. Could you please share some links as to where you found these items? Was kinda interested in some but cant seem to find. Thanks!

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