Spot it! Grab it! Clank!

We got our copy of Clank! During the UK Game Expo 2017, and I’m happy to think it was the last copy available. We have walked through all the stalls, and nothing. Sold out, sold out, sold out. We have even been laughed at ‘you should have come on Friday morning!’. And then we bumped into an old school friend of mine, together with her partner and another friend. We asked if they have Clank!, they nodded and said ‘it’s SOOOO good’. Right, now I must have it – I thought. I asked them if they could keep an eye out for it and let me know.

About 45 seconds later I heard one of them running towards me saying ‘they have ONE round there on your right!’. We ran. And we got it. And OH EM GEE I could not wait to play. It was quick, fun, dungeon crawl + deck builder.

About a month later we got the Sunken Treasures expansion. And again, great game. Some different mechanics, but still not much has changed. Very thematic, scuba equipment to survive underwater, some help with swimming through flooded caves, fish monsters and under-the-sea themed cards. Great job!

And then, as soon as we have played each side of each board at least a couple of times, they announced Clank! In! Space! I read about it, and I shouted to Matt ‘They are releasing CLANK! IN! SPACE!’ – He didn’t say anything, he just felt how the money is coming out of his wallet. Come on, we must have had it! So we waited and waited and pre-ordered, and we finally got it!

And it is so different. First things first – the graphics design of the logo has changed a bit, I fell like it’s more visible, a bit better I’d say. The board is bigger, it requires assembling though. You get main board, plus three double sided modules, plus a quick transfer corridor. You can mix and match the modules, that adds re-playability. Second – meeples. In the original Clank! there was a slight difference between the meeples, but in this one they are completely different.


Coins now changed to credits, which look like sim cards, I think that’s quite cool. The cards are thematic, but some of the characters are still there, just with a slight change, for example Goblin becomes G0B-L1N, and Mr.Whiskers becomes a Dr. You can also fight Lord Eradikus himself, as he just pops up in the deck. Another new thing are classes, that affect the way you build your deck. If you focus on collecting one class, they will give you benefits in the future, if they come into play together. Also, there are some new tokens, like the Power Crystals, that give you special powers combined with some cards. There are Cubes, that you need to use to hack two portals in two different modules, to be able to move up the map and get the artefacts. Also, when you hack a portal, you get some stuff depending on how difficult it was – for the easy ones you may actually suffer some damage!

What about the Market? New items, same price! We get keys to unlock some pathways, we get the teleporter key, that allows you to travel across the map faster (but you have to end your move then). There also is Contraband, which gives you some goodies when combined with cards; and there are med-kits.  The whole deck building mechanism is all the same, 10 starting cards : 6 hack (buy), 2 stumble (clank), 1 scramble and 1 access (move).  However with all the classes coming into play, and all the different superpowers gained from tokens, there is a bit of downtime. Unless players think about their moves upfront, if possible.

There is also one more thing, that will want to mess you up. The bounty hunter cube. It is a red cube that is being added to the bag, when Eradikus moves high up on the track. That cube damages everyone. Yes, everyone. That’s what killed me last time, I had two health left, one of my cubes was in the bag (I counted after the game!) and someone pulled out my one and the bounty hunter, I have died two spaces away from the exit. Oh right, exit. There is no one exit, there are four, and you cannot use one twice. And there is no timer as such, however the person who has escaped first on their turn pulls out the cubes indicated. If you survive before the cubes run out  – good for you.

So final thoughts? I’m just gonna have a spreadsheet for it I guess. Yeah, let’s do it.

Clank! Sunken Treasures In! Space!
Type base expansion stand alone expansion
Design 7/10 7/10 8.5/10
Board Medium, 2 sides Medium, 2 sides Big, mix and match
Components Small design variety n/a Good design variety
Complexity medium medium high
Time 45-60 45-60 45-90
Theme average good Very good
Packing up quick quick medium
Quality good good Very good
Player count 2-4 2-4 2-4
Times played 8 6 2
Overall rating 8/10 8.5/10 9/10


And for those who hate spreadsheets and just completely skipped it – well, too bad. Clank! is fun, Clank! In! Space! is Fun! In! Space!

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