This War of Ours

Well, it’s hard to talk about a game, that is so immersive and depressing at the same time. I have played the digital version, and liked it a lot, even tho it was so hard. So the board game was kind of a must have, especially that I have a thing for Polish designers.

See, I don’t want to spoil anything, because this game evolves as you play it. It’s another one of those crossroads games, with a whiff of legacy style, where you make a decision, that comes back to you later. It has a feeling of Dead of Winter, it has some elements of Robinson Crusoe (but it’s way harder).  It’s re-playable thanks to mahoosive Book of Scripts. I like games where each of your decisions matters, where you, as a group, have to make decisions. And those in this game are not easy. The characters will get cold, ill, miserable, and maybe, at some point, will end their life. There’s so much to consider.

It’s not a stroll in the woods, my friends. It is a marathon, in the mud, in heavy rain.. nope, sleet. At the same time sun is burning your skin, your lungs are howling with wind and your lips are dried out. The only thing to drink is the last drop of water, to share in between the three of you. But who gets it? He got some sleep last night, he had his treat. She is wounded, and sick – should we give it to her? But she may die at night, and that would be a waste.. So much to consider..

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