We are huge fans of escape rooms and everything that’s connected with it. We stumbled upon EXIT games about a year ago, and ever since, this is our favourite family fun! It’s cheap, it’s a brain workout, and it’s just great! We started with Abandoned Cabin, and followed all of them, to Dead Man on The Orient Express. Here is a spoiler free list of all of them, in the order of the least, to the most fun!

The list was made considering the ratio of difficulty level and fun we had. I gave minus points for fiddliness, obviousness and irritation caused. I added points for WOW moments and satisfaction of solving the riddles. Difficulty is the one stated on the boxes, this is not my rating. Here we go!

8.Polar Station                                    difficulty ***                     rating 3/10

We have found this one just a bit boring, some riddles were simple, some overly complicated as for the outcome. This one didn’t have any impact on us, and I remember  only one task.

7.Secret Lab                                         difficulty N/A                    rating 4/10

This one was interesting, however many riddles turned out to be irritating, to the point that I just wanted to check the answer, and that means the fun factor was just not there.

6.Forbidden Island                            difficulty ***                     rating 5/10

Oh, the pirates.. the theme was fun, first couple of riddles were really easy, and then, on the last one, after 20 minutes of failing, we have given up, and looked at the clue. And we were disappointed like never before during EXIT games, and this is the last of all eight we have played.

5. Forgotten Castle                              difficulty ****                   rating 6/10

A good one, although a bit fiddly in places. I liked the theme, but this one requires high precision, and it makes it just a bit too annoying.

4.Sunken Treasure                        difficulty **                        rating 6/10

Ok, not a bad one, probably the best one to start with. Linear riddles, that tell you almost exactly what to do. Also some interesting takes on some things.


3.Pharaoh’s Tomb                           difficulty ****                   rating 8/10

Ok, got to the final three. This one was a challenge, and we have used a clue or two. The only reason this one is not higher on the list is because, again, it had some unnecessary fiddliness.

2.Abandoned Cabin                      difficulty N/A                     rating 9/10

This had the most WOW effect on us! Maybe because it was the first one we ever done, at points, we were actually standing and shouting.

1.Dead Man on The Orient Express
difficulty ****                                   rating 10/10

One of the most recent ones, and Oh-My-Gosh that’s a good one! I’m not gonna lie, it took us about two hours to finish this one, but we are proud to announce, that we haven’t used any clues. It was a true murder mystery, and had no fiddly riddle, all made complete sense, and you really had to use your brain. It was a mix of EXIT and Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. A brilliant one!


We are looking forward to the next two releases, The Sinister Mansion (difficulty ****), and the Mysterious Museum (difficulty **).

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