Through the Desert

You are in charge of 5 riders, sitting on 5 different coloured camels. You are scattered through the desert, and you’re trying to form a caravan. Ideally, you want to connect Oases (palm trees), and gather some points (water holes) on the way. The game ends when the supply runs out of one of the coloured camels. You gotta be careful there, that’s what made Matt lose!

Sometimes you may find yourself completely bloked in the middle of the desert, because you focused on different colours – me. And sometimes you may somehow cut off a large bit of the map, and score all the water holes in the area – also me. At the end, the player with the most camels of one colour in the caravan gets 10 points, and that happens for each colour. Add the points from water holes and oases, and there you go, that’s your score.

It is a short review, because it is a short game. But it’s a thinky one, nothing random, if you lose, it’s simply because you didn’t make the right choices. Blame yourself, get on your camel and ride away.

Alicja’s Thoughts

To be honest, I have never heard of this game, before seeing Rahdo’s runthrough of the second edition. At first I thought – well, another camel game. And, yes, it is a camel game, but man it is fun! Quick, clever and not at all random! Everything you do, is because you came up with it. It’s your strategy, your decisions. Well, unless someone cuts you off, or finishes the game just before you were to score extra 10 points. Mean? Not really, you could have seen it coming! I’m not even gonna mention those cute, pastel-coloured camels, and for the sake of the game, I won’t rate the first edition’s board.


Matt’s Thoughts

A great fairly quick and tactical game. Really enjoyed trying to plot out the best routes in my head whilst anticipating my opponents’. In the game we played, I failed to see how close to the end of the game we were and so a couple of big set ups I had planned got cut short. However this didn’t feel frustrating, as it was my fault and not just random chance. There is no hidden information in this one, so it’s just a battle of wits, which I like from time to time, but might put off others. Would be interested to try out with higher play counts. We played first edition, which had good moulds for the camels/riders, however, the board and tokens are pretty low quality. The good news is that there is a new edition which has really nice components.


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