Top 10 Games I Suck At

Inspired by The Dice Tower list during the UKGE, I thought I’ll do my list of To 10 Games I Suck At.

10. Harvest Dice

A new addition to our collection, a roll and write game. You plant vegetables, feed the pig, pump up prices on the market… and somehow, I always end up with empty field, cheap goods  and quite fat pig.

9. Queendomino

Right, so I know now I have absolutely no spatial thinking. The grid just scares me, whether it’s 5×5 or 7×7, I always end up with empty spaces.

8. Caverna

There is just too much choice, and somehow, I always end up picking the wrong action, either giving other people stuff, or taking something I don’t need.

7. Photosynthesis

Point management and thinking ahead are not my things I guess, I plant lots of trees, and they never grow bigger, they stay in shade and score me nothing.

6. Azul

A pretty take on thematic abstract game, at which I stare in amazement, forgetting to collect five of the same colour or completing columns.

5. Clank!

Whether in the dungeon, under water, in the pyramid or in space, I always panic, grab the loot and run. Then I sit there for half an hour watching others win.

4. Magic Maze

Ok, one thing is, that you don’t allow me to talk. Another thing is this big, red pawn. That’s what nightmares are made of.

3. Blood Rage

Vikings! Valhalla! Ragnarok! Rage! Indeed, especially, when you play your best card, and someone cancels it with their *stupid* one.

2. Clans of Caledonia

I am just trying to do too much at once I guess, I want cheese, I want whiskey, I want cows! Oh, wait, what? The game is over? Oh, well…

1. Feast for Odin

Never been good at Tetris, ever. Plus the range of actions to take… It’s Caverna all over again, but with Vikings. And islands. What do I know, never had one.

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